It was 1920 and the Ukraine Declared it’s Independence. What could go Wrong?!

It started out as a great idea.  The Ukraine goes Independent, Poland becomes active in the Russian Civil War and sends an expeditionary force to aid their neighbor.  Even the Anarchist’s Mahkno… support the new Government.  With Poles crossing the border the Red Ukrainians  rise up against foreign aggression.  A British brigade is sent to settle things down,  when the Konarmyi of Soviet Russia attacks to support their friends.  A huge fight is on !

The Ukrainians charge each other.  The British move to counter the Soviet intervention forces.  The Poles move to out flank the Red Ukrainian attack with Mahkno on their left flank.  Mahkno meets the elite Cavalry of the Konarmyi and decides it is better to fight with such fellows than fight against them, thus turning the Pols flank.  The British are told to not loose a single man to this “silly affair”  and move to better defend themselves.

At the decisive moment in the fight weather turns terrible with huge downpours of rain, turning the entire field to the mud of Russia….bringing out fighting to an end.

Great fight, tough decisions to be made.  Good times

The Red and White Ukrainians fight each other over the old trenches of the Great War. None could cross to get to the other.










Battle view from the Polish perspective.  Mahkno is on the hill to the NE










Czech Legion is going home.. No one messed with the unknown armored train is it passed though the battle unmolested










Mahkno Switches Sides











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