A Crazy Day in Berserkastan….and the Lost Libaray of Ivan the Terrible.

It was Gaslight in 28mm. We had Chinese, Brits, Belgians, Americans, Germans, Austrians and crazy steam fed War Machines of all kinds. A three for all, all going for the mountain castle to gain the riches of the Library of Ivan the Terrible. It was king of the mountain and there would be only one!

It starts out Col. Todd of the 7 Cav. His steam Tank decides to commit suicide by jumping off the table and literally exploding into all the bits it has! It spent most of the game glum and out of steam until the end where it killed off my Rocket gun gal and my mine dog operator…argh….yes we have rocket guns and mine dogs…you wanna play now right …. right!

Many fights to the death and all kinds of calamity ending with Charles’s Hero and my Hero fighting it out….I lost … Charlie was king of the Mountain!

7th Cav USA, lead my no other than George Custer…who got blown up by a Mine Dog..


Japan supports the 7th Cav


The Love Gun!!

The Love Gun!!


the Brits have a Martian Death Ray…on a Mechanical Spider…woopin great scrap build!


British line up.


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