Battle of Villinghausen

Last night we did a battle in KonegsKrieg. It is a funny set of rules in as, after a certain amount of turns you roll the dice of doom. A six on a 6d sider says the battle is too hot for you and y0ur army goes home. The Battle of Villinghausen has an all infantry French force vs a British combined arms army on the defensive in good terrains and the French must attack. I had just painted up a Genoese force of Militia supported by a 4 battalions of Spanish to bring to the game. I have an eerie fondness for bad troops. I was on the French right flank, right in front of Villinghausen, and a French attack all along the front began! The French left got swarmed by light cav. and stalled up, the French center of guards and grenadiers charged 12 lbers on a hill and got blowed up! The entire plan was to make 1 British brigade rout so we could at least get an attempt at them running away. The French center was very French like and with terrible losses put to route 1 British Brigade. The Genoese on the right flank we advance, having the only artillery in the entire army and assaulted the town of Villinghausen. Through amazing series of great and bad die rolls we succeeded in taking 2 / 3′s of the town! Then the die of fate would have it ‘s turn. The British were ready to smash the center and the French right flank in one huge attack. The French rolled a 4 …we stand! The British roll a 6….silence……more silence….they retire ! French win, French win….omgosh the French win:) What a set of rules !

Highlanders and 12lbers on the High ground


British Lights defend Villenghausen


The French Advance!


The Genoese Attack!


The Great Charge!


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