Triremes, Birremes and You have to Have Eyes to Play..oh my!

Ramming Speed was played and they made me sail ships…I am terrible with ships.. but I got my hits in and we did good.  There was a discussion about “unpainted ships”  and no you got to paint your ships.  Without eyes they do not know where to ram ….right..:)

Good times, thanks Ray for the Game!

Ship Melee..remember is might be good to leave a marine back on your own boat…to make sure the boys don’t get taken and sail away.

It was 1920 and the Ukraine Declared it’s Independence. What could go Wrong?!

It started out as a great idea.  The Ukraine goes Independent, Poland becomes active in the Russian Civil War and sends an expeditionary force to aid their neighbor.  Even the Anarchist’s Mahkno… support the new Government.  With Poles crossing the border the Red Ukrainians  rise up against foreign aggression.  A British brigade is sent to settle things down,  when the Konarmyi of Soviet Russia attacks to support their friends.  A huge fight is on !

The Ukrainians charge each other.  The British move to counter the Soviet intervention forces.  The Poles move to out flank the Red Ukrainian attack with Mahkno on their left flank.  Mahkno meets the elite Cavalry of the Konarmyi and decides it is better to fight with such fellows than fight against them, thus turning the Pols flank.  The British are told to not loose a single man to this “silly affair”  and move to better defend themselves.

At the decisive moment in the fight weather turns terrible with huge downpours of rain, turning the entire field to the mud of Russia….bringing out fighting to an end.

Great fight, tough decisions to be made.  Good times

The Red and White Ukrainians fight each other over the old trenches of the Great War. None could cross to get to the other.










Battle view from the Polish perspective.  Mahkno is on the hill to the NE










Czech Legion is going home.. No one messed with the unknown armored train is it passed though the battle unmolested










Mahkno Switches Sides











Goblins, Dragons vs the Normans and Their Allies! “It’s Magic”

It’s Magic by Pete, is a set of rules for any period, any figure, so we have Normans with Dwarves, Hobbits, Lizard men vs the Goblins, Spider Cavalry, and oh my the Dragons!

It was a bitter fight…the Hobbits ruled the field only loosing one unit, the Dwarves were eaten by a Dragon…figures…and Norman knights with lance are a real deal not a fantasy come to life.

We had spiders, lizards,  Hobbit wizards, and a flying hippo!!!

The entire battle field was in a swamp!!   Who talked my Dwarves into this fight ????

Don’t let the size fool you those gobs have heavy armor and are in good morale!!










Hey it is Dwarves on Bears!! With 2-handed axes!










My Fav Dwarf unit, Rangers on skies armed with arquebus and their musician is using a Tuba!! Problem we were in a swamp!










You don’t see this everyday an flying hippo..Hippogriff!! The dragon ate it…what kind of sauce or rub do you use on Hippo Wings….










Norman Knights vs Wargs…or…Heavy Lance vs ” I like kibble”…










It is Russian Civil War.

The Whites move to protect a supply convoy.  The Reds send an interdiction force, and the French march to help out in response.

Brigade 38 rules where used ( a lot of WarHammer 40k ideas used here) .  The fight was fierce but the long range fire of the Reds sealed the deal….no convoy for the Whites

Thanks goes to Brent!!


Reds anchoring their left and taunting the Whites to attack…it worked well










Red right flank. Budenny pins the Whites and starts the truck slaughter










French falling Back









Reds liberating town…or pacifying …. perceptive….












White Officer Regiment with a gun truck









Trotsky seals the fate of the White convoy


French and Indian Throw-down in a …belt of Farmland…opps!

The French and their Indian allies are trying to defend the last town before a general Canadian Invasion!   The British and their allies ( both American Provincials and Indians)  are swarming to the high ground and the flanks…Poorly prepared, and trained the French have a tough time of it .

The striking thing in this battle is that basically all the British formations, less their regulars,  could skirmish…it proved decisive!

A daring raid, British Indian allies move to the rear of the French…supported by Highlanders in skirmish order..yeah I know…2 companies of them did get killed …..










French Canadian Windmill…if you are French and you are by a windmill the terrain is going to way to open!












The British are coming! A full brigade!









Battle Breakers…British Provincials in open advance and fire!












Mighty arms of La France….mostly mighty









Rangers vs French Milice





It is AK 47 Deuce!

2 Games yes 2 games in one

Last night M4 enjoyed not one, but TWO games of AK-47 Republic. On one table the forces of the Dictator faced off against a rebel Religious Movement, while on the other table a Colonial Power and a Superpower Client duked it out over an urban battlefield. Both games ran well.

Next week, Charley and I will feature another 15mm F&IW Wilderness Wars set-piece battle. On 1/30, Brent Knoll will present 28mm Russian Civil War.


Colonial Fire-base...

Colonial Fire-base…









Colonial Recon

Colonial Recon











Close up!  Colonial scout carrier

Close up! Colonial scout carrier









The Dictator has Tanks!

The Dictator has Tanks!









Opps!  The Rebels have Tanks too, and they are on the Attack!

Opps! The Rebels have Tanks too, and they are on the Attack!









Rebel Mech INfantry

Rebel Mech INfantry









Storming the Village

Storming the Village











It is the Day after Christmas in Trenton, NJ. This time the Hessian’s rise to the alarm!

It was our annual homage to the best campaign of any army in the history of the 18th century.  General George Washington once again crossed the Delaware to surprise those sleeping Hessian’s!  To make matters more exciting we evil Hessian’s got to get up at the first sight of the Rebels and form up.  It was all for naught as we were surrounded, but 1 brigade of Rebels was routed without firing a shoot, allowing at least an escape route to the south.

Great times!  15mm minies using Wilderness Wars rules,  Huge thanks to Todd!!

Hessians muster smartly...

Hessians muster smartly…











Fire fight at Trenton...the Hessians got into line just in time to put up a fight.

Fire fight at Trenton…the Hessians got into line just in time to put up a fight.










Continentals overrun Ralls HQ

Continentals overrun Ralls HQ










Clash of Kingdoms! The Professionals of Assyria meet the Masses of Egypt!

In 650 bc  the Assyrian’s conquer the Nile river valley and therefore most of Egypt and expand into a huge Empire.  Gracious Ray was courageous enough to run a battle of Egypt’s last attempt to defend itself.

We used Neil Thomas Ancient rules, they are fast play and use d6’s for all combat.  I like the morale system and morale and armor saves,  would be a huge failing of he Egyptian Army.

Assyrian Good points;   Infantry are professional elite heavy infantry in medium armor.   All of the Assyrian can shoot bows, this is to include the horse and heavy chariots.

Egyptian Good points;  …..their chariots are very fast 🙂  Egyptian Infantry are average biblical forces and as we found out are no match for Assyrians…this seems to be historically accurate 🙂

On one flank the Egyptians used the terrain and their mobility to cripple the Assyrian left flank,  but the right flank held as the mobile forces of Egypt charged into those bad Assyrians…not a good idea it seems.

The Assyrian center moved forward at their pace and dispersed the rabble in front of them.  Never get close to Assyrians!!   Great times, some Egyptian frustration with their troops…”what do you mean we move like heavy infantry??”    THANK YOU RAY!!

The systems allows for big units of troops and the armies looked awesome!  As I viewed my Egyptian forces..I say to Ray ” bud, this looks awesome, I have already won this just looking at my troops, so lets move them and get them killed.”


Next fight  –  Trenton!!  It is Christmas right!

Clash of Kingdoms!!

Clash of Kingdoms!!









Egyptian Chariots on the Charge!..this did not work out.

Egyptian Chariots on the Charge!..this did not work out.









Egyptian charioteers using their bows and Not getting close to any Assyrians

Egyptian charioteers using their bows and Not getting close to any Assyrians










Brutal Carnage in the Center...

Brutal Carnage in the Center…









The Pharaoh's Guard - The Sheridan try to stem the tide.

The Pharaoh’s Guard – The Sheridan try to stem the tide.









The King of Kings!  Kush is larger, very large...time to go there!

The King of Kings! Kush is larger, very large…time to go there!