Monday night gaming Borodino in 2 hours!!

28 mm Flintlock figures, Neal Thomas Rules with Zombie and Elf Mods……it was huge!


Royal artillery










Receiving the charge









Elf lights









Elves ….lots of Elves…means French Undead means Russian









the Great Redoubt

Ogres in the River….There Are Ogres In the River!

We did a learning mission of Ogre.  It was 2 large and 2 small Ogres vs a whole bunch of crunches…GEV, Hvy Tank, Missle Tanks and Hvy Guns …defend the command posts and we did.  Ogres on Fire!



It is an Ogre MK V









It is an Ogre MK III









Fording the River under fire









Flanking attacks, rivers are freeways for GEV’s









The Swarm ends an Ogre…










Games Workshop SpringCONFLAGRATION Renegade Open Event

Source Comics & Games’s event:


 – Sat May 19 and Sun May 20, 2018Minnesota State FairSaint Paul – 9 AM

Full Schedule TBA

The tournament organizers of the Renegade Open Gaming Event are proud to introduce Spring CONflagration,  the Twin Cities newest Warhammer 40K and Age of Sigmar Grand Tournaments, hosted by the MSP ComicCon 2018 (formerly Spring Con) at the Minnesota State Fair in St Paul MN,  May 19th and 20th, 2018.  This two day event will feature six rounds of battle to determine who is the tactical genius in the Upper Midwest.

The WH40k tournament will be part of the Frontline Gaming Independent Tournament Circuit 2018 season. That means that the results of the Spring CONflagration will contribute to your overall ITC rankings. We hope to draw players from all over the midwest (and beyond) to roll dice and and compete for the honor and glory, and of course, prize support!

To sign-up and purchase tickets for both MSP ComicCon and CONflagration go to

Napies in a Hurry

A big thanks to Todd for doing the game after our other game got the flu…Flu is no joke this year!


Against the Square









Brits on the reverse slope









French Light Horse









French Lights









Ah…the men of Portugal await their fate


After 2 Mondays off, we start the New Year off with Andie’s SlaughterLoo!!  Napies with fantasy races as the protagonist.

Elven Foot battery
in Action










Elven Ligne forming up for assault









Of course the Russians are Shambling Hordes!









The must have Cossack s…undead Cossack s!


Operation Cobra is in Full Swing and Patton’s 4th Armored is Smashing Forward!

The Rules are Spearhead.  The scale is micro armor and the battling was awesome!  The game table was divided into 5 sections with a player on each section.  This is to allow fast play and a better defined objective system.

The U.S.  4th Armored players each had a mixed unit of Shermans, infantry and various support to include Recon.  The German players commanded 2 remnant Infantry KG’s each with some AT support.  1 Ost Truppen Cavalry unit…go Ray go! and 2 Panzer KG’s.

U.S. players had an air strike per turn and off board arty.  The Germans had one arty strike and that was it …

Play was fast and furious, with the German defenders doing well until the very last turn..where the far south Panzer KG broke.

Thanks to Phil for some awesome US troops, Todd for some awesome Germans Troops, and everyone for a great game!

the U.S. forces make their final approach









German hilltop defense









Panzers in waiting..note the brick walls and Hedgerows..









Sherman’s on the attack…150 U.S.
Shermans were deployed in this attack










Wood line engagement…heavy fighting









The Key to Victory..proper and ubiquitous use of smoke! Shielded U.S. armored attacks










Next Fight Ancients and some Buhmr!






November 19 1942…Stalingrad is surrounded and someone has to hold the bridgeheads for a counter attack!

Using Spearhead rules with micro armor mini’s.  The Germans are made up rear area support units.  Their only job is to hold the bridges at all costs

The Soviets only victory condition is to take the bridges.  If any Soviet forces survive and the Germans still hold the bridges …. well commanders will be shot and a German decisive victory will be awarded

Rules;  It is a night action  sighting is 3 inch for inf and 6 inches for vehicles.  Each turn every player rolls a die after initiative phase and on a 5 or 6 gets a flare marker.  This flare marker has a 3 inch radius and turns that part of the board to day for sighting purpose.

Many heroics preformed but the Soviet armored commanders did not press the attack and both bridges held and a Decisive German victory was awarded

4 commands on each side

bypassing the heights..a bit time consuming.









the Night Witches..the only air in the game. they accounted for at least 1 t34…oopps










Soviet HQ









Red Recon moving fast









German Panzers a MK IV surprise









Soviets occupy a Bridge! A desperate German counterattack forces them off.











It is Back, It is Fun, It is M4 !!

Yes, Yes Monday night Military Miniature Madness is back on the web !   We have not really stopped playing, but we are no continue our story for all to see.


a M4 traditional Halloween battle took place .  A Russian Vampire Count tries to retake his favorite graveyard, using the Russian Army of Undead, and Werewolves to fight the French Elvish force!

A typical Napoleonic scene. The Witches of Boil, toil and Termoil