Happy Birthday George at the Battle of Monmouth

This battle was fought using Wilderness Wars Rules 2nd Edition. 15 mm figures.
This was a hard fought battle. There was no standing about, as troops came in, they went directly into battle. As before this was a battle of A and B class troops. Causalities were huge. Whole regiments would loose half their strength in a single turn. Charges, counter charges, flanking movements were the norm. In all this chaos, with some new rules, high combat, and out right questions of “can I see him”, that would turn a sides flank and ensure victory, Todd stood above it all as his game scenario took on a life of it’s own. Passions were high and figures were leaving the table as dead, not in rout. It was as if the temp around the table was a historical 100 degrees. In the end the British pounded out a victory. Their rear guard held, those grenadiers winning another battle ribbon on their standard.

British Guard in reserve.

British Guard in reserve.

Bloody Black Watch and British Light Infantry...fight to the death

Bloody Black Watch and British Light Infantry…fight to the death

Heavy fighting at the ford

Heavy fighting at the ford

Continental Infantry..trained and ready for a fight

Continental Infantry..trained and ready for a fight

Hessian Grenadier Brigade supported by the Royal Artillery

Hessian Grenadier Brigade supported by the Royal Artillery

Mad Wayne's Brigade

Mad Wayne’s Brigade

A Day in Berserkastan. And the Riasuli Charges!

Another epic Berserkastan battle using Brigadier 38 and 28 mm figures.   The Riasuli has decided …again.. to throw all foreigners out of the country!  The Emir  has taken to his palace guarded by a huge rhomboid tank ( mk V).  The Russians are defending the port and Belgian has promised support!   Tribes man boil out of the mountains and the battle is on.   All sides have “found”, rented, bought or hired some kind of armored vehicles and a slugging match to neutralize each other starts the battle off.  We have lancer armed cavalry, dragon style Camel corp,  Cossacks, foot tribes oh my!  The walls of the port fall to the Arab hill tribes!  Belgians land,  the mad Duke commanding the Russian forces is seen running past the Belgians and on to the steam the Belgians just got off of ….steamer slow pulls out to sea!  The Emir retreats to his castle with the comment,  ” mercs, dead or alive, you do not move to help mercs”.  The Belgians find themselves charged in the center of town by lancers and the walls are festooned with rifleman!  The remnants last seen trying to make the steamer pick them up!   Good times


bashi bazouks301

Bashi Buzuks

Belgian Askaris landing!

Belgian Askaris landing!


Mad Duke's Cossack Mercs!

Mad Duke’s Cossack Mercs!


Emir's Band ie a real Band

Emir’s Band ie a real Band

Hill Tribes

Hill Tribes

lancers and tank2

Lancers to the wall, the feigned retreat and to the gate!


Palace Guard

Palace Guard



M4 Schedual

2/9 A Very Berserkistan Civil War- The brothers from different mothers struggle for control of our favorite mythical Central Asian country! 28mm Early 20th Century warfare using Brigadier ’38 rules. Presented by Brent.

2/16 George Washington’s Birthday- In honor of the Father Of Our Country, we’ll enjoy a large 15mm AWI Wilderness Wars game. Details TBA.

2/23 1/72nd scale Napoleonic Volley & Bayonet action, hosted by Andy and Marcel.

3/2 Slaughterloo – 28 mm Napies in a fantasy setting and a double header-

March 6, 1917.  “Bloody April” actually began in March as British observation missions increased in preparation for the Arras offensive (“This time, for sure!” –Bullwinkle J.             Moose).   The action on the 6th was noteworthy in that it saw the downing of VonRichthofen – non other than the Red Baron himself – in a fight that pitted his Jasta 11 against        the  RFC’s 40 and 43 Squadrons.  Take to the skies above the trenches in a flammable, flimsy craft of stick and canvas in a game that requires as much flying skill/knowledge as D&D does of spell or swordplay, ie: none at all…beyond simple stuff like “you can’t fly backwards” and “hitting the ground is bad”.

3/9 15mm Boxer Rebellion Fields of Honor, the Battle of Peking. Presented by Brent.

M4 Double Header

In honor of Groundhog Day, M4 offered a re-run of one of our most successful scenarios, the 1758 Battle of Lake George. In stark contrast to the original event, where stalwart American Provincial troops held off the onslaught of the French and their Indian allies, the evening ended in disaster for General Johnson, as a coordinated flank maneuver by the Abenaki carried the American flank just as the French Grenadiers charged the breastworks. Provincial morale quickly collapsed, with 3 regiments breaking and 1 descending into headlong flight to the landings, just in time to be met by a force of Courier de Bois who had disembarked from their canoes. General Johnson’s only alternatives were to offer his sword in surrender to the hated French or face the tender mercies of the Abenaki! As an added bonus, Jim and Ray arranged for a small Fields of Glory game, featuring the Battle of Mortimer’s Cross. This War of the Roses clash took place on February 2, 1461! The battle was over quickly, as the Yorkists were routed, but the group got a nice look at some of the potential Fields of Glory offers. We hope to see more in the future!



Provincials on Defense


Indians inside the Barricades






Battle of Villinghausen

Last night we did a battle in KonegsKrieg. It is a funny set of rules in as, after a certain amount of turns you roll the dice of doom. A six on a 6d sider says the battle is too hot for you and y0ur army goes home. The Battle of Villinghausen has an all infantry French force vs a British combined arms army on the defensive in good terrains and the French must attack. I had just painted up a Genoese force of Militia supported by a 4 battalions of Spanish to bring to the game. I have an eerie fondness for bad troops. I was on the French right flank, right in front of Villinghausen, and a French attack all along the front began! The French left got swarmed by light cav. and stalled up, the French center of guards and grenadiers charged 12 lbers on a hill and got blowed up! The entire plan was to make 1 British brigade rout so we could at least get an attempt at them running away. The French center was very French like and with terrible losses put to route 1 British Brigade. The Genoese on the right flank we advance, having the only artillery in the entire army and assaulted the town of Villinghausen. Through amazing series of great and bad die rolls we succeeded in taking 2 / 3′s of the town! Then the die of fate would have it ‘s turn. The British were ready to smash the center and the French right flank in one huge attack. The French rolled a 4 …we stand! The British roll a 6….silence……more silence….they retire ! French win, French win….omgosh the French win:) What a set of rules !

Highlanders and 12lbers on the High ground


British Lights defend Villenghausen


The French Advance!


The Genoese Attack!


The Great Charge!


M4 Schedual

1/26 Seven Years War 15mm Koenig Krieg: The Battle of Vellinghausen 1761. Hosted by Fitz.

2/2 Groundhog Day Special- We offer a “re-run” of a favorite event, The Battle of Lake George. 15mm FIW Wilderness Wars. Hosted by Charley.

2/9 A Very Berserkistan Civil War- The brothers from different mothers struggle for control of our favorite mythical Central Asian country! 28mm Early 20th Century warfare using Brigadier ’38 rules. Presented by Brent.

2/16 George Washington’s Birthday- In honor of the Father Of Our Country, we’ll enjoy a large 15mm AWI Wilderness Wars game. Details TBA.

Two Games, Two Battles, Lundy’s Lane and Battle of Gaugamela

Battle One: Lundy’s Lane, 15mm, Empire V rules…yes we did it in Empire V! This is a great meeting engagement between 2 similar forces. there are 4 commands, all very small in Empire scale. 2 gun batteries and 4 figure battalions were the norm. The British had their commands divided enough that they were not in supporting positions, but if it worked right the left flank would be able to descend on the USA forces. The US forces attacked on a broad front against 1 British brigade. With remarkable precision the US forces decimate and route the British brigade in a fierce hour of combat. The second hour found the British commander successively ordering break off and stand down, while the US forces looked on as the British retire in poor order. This hour also brought the 2nd British brigade attacking with good force and making good head way. At this point the battle ends because of time but… all 4 brigades would be at it in the 3 rd hour. It was a very good fight and all commanders fought with good morale and well thought out moves! Great good times

Our 2nd fight was 28mm Ancients using Command and Colors as the rule set. The battle is the one where Darius ”makes the field perfect” for is army to deploy in. There were many hoots and hollers from that end of the room and It looked like they fought each other out with no units one either side left.

Both sides advance in line formation …. no reserves


The closing of the lines


2nd hour the charge…a full strength British Battalion oops that left a mark!


Alex’s Phalanxes



Ahhh Elephants…or the Ancient equivalent of Atomic hand grenades


The Battle for St Louis and the Martian Roundup!

All Quiet on the Martian Front…well, not so much. Humanity gets swamped in Tripods again! We humans fight to the death, which is too bad for us. In my final blow my command stand kills an assault walker! To bad is was the Martian’s only walker casualty. Great figs and a great time…but I need to figure out how to get a human victory..it looking bad for the earth.

Walker Rampage


Walker Carnage


Martians with their Human Drones


Massed armor


The Tesla Tank, Humanities only hope...but there is only one...

The Tesla Tank, Humanities only hope…but there is only one…


Up Coming M4 Schedual

1/12 All Quiet On The Martian Front: The Battle of St. Louis. 15mm War of the Worlds fun as the US Army defends the Gateway City from tripods and other alien horrors! Hosted by Brent

1/19 M4 Double Header: Command & Colors 28mm Ancients with Ray and Empire War of 1812 teaching game with Bob and Todd.

1/26 Seven Years War 15mm Koenig Krieg: The Battle of Vellinghausen 1761. Hosted by Fitz.

2/2 Groundhog Day Special. Something exactly like what we’ve done before.

A Crazy Day in Berserkastan….and the Lost Libaray of Ivan the Terrible.

It was Gaslight in 28mm. We had Chinese, Brits, Belgians, Americans, Germans, Austrians and crazy steam fed War Machines of all kinds. A three for all, all going for the mountain castle to gain the riches of the Library of Ivan the Terrible. It was king of the mountain and there would be only one!

It starts out Col. Todd of the 7 Cav. His steam Tank decides to commit suicide by jumping off the table and literally exploding into all the bits it has! It spent most of the game glum and out of steam until the end where it killed off my Rocket gun gal and my mine dog operator…argh….yes we have rocket guns and mine dogs…you wanna play now right …. right!

Many fights to the death and all kinds of calamity ending with Charles’s Hero and my Hero fighting it out….I lost … Charlie was king of the Mountain!

7th Cav USA, lead my no other than George Custer…who got blown up by a Mine Dog..


Japan supports the 7th Cav


The Love Gun!!

The Love Gun!!


the Brits have a Martian Death Ray…on a Mechanical Spider…woopin great scrap build!


British line up.