Magic Kids League Booster Draft

September 30, 2017 @ 1:45 pm – 4:45 pm
Magic Kids League Booster Draft

Ixalan Release Weekend Draft!


Cost: $15.00 – Format: Booster Draft.

The Kids Magic: The Gathering League is a weekly tournament for kids 14 and under. All skill levels are welcome. No deck is required, but players are welcome to bring their own decks if they’d like to play casually between rounds.

Players each receive three packs and are seated around a table. Each player opens one pack, selects one card from that pack to keep, and then passes the rest of the pack to the next player, who will select one card, and so on. This continues until all cards in all three packs have been drafted. Players then build 40-card decks (including land) out of their drafted cards and play three rounds.

Players get to keep their cards at the end of the tournament and also receive prize rare cards based on their win/loss record (minimum 3 rares). Additional prizes are awarded to first and second place.

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