Pathfinder 3.5. Have 5 Players, need 1 more. First session in progress...

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Pathfinder 3.5. Have 5 Players, need 1 more. First session in progress...

Post#1 » Fri Sep 02, 2016 7:12 pm

Welcome to Blazhez!!!

1 Player Wanted for a Sandbox-Style, Player-Driven, Long-Term FRPG Campaign.

Location: St. Paul, Greater East Side, Private Home near to 94 X McKnight and the Sun-Ray Bus Transit Center.

Meeting: One day, E/O Weekend. System: Pathfinder 3.5
8 hour sessions. Group Size: 4-8 Players
*Specific day to be determined when *6 players is optimal
the group is together.

This is an all CM-designed, Freestyle, City-Based, Rogue-Centric Campaign.
No canned scenarios. Improvisational Campaign-Master Style.

Players: Mature Play-Acting, Story-Driven, Problem-Solving with Strong Common Sense is desired. Those who prefer to play like Sara Felton of KODT, or Joanna Harcourt from "Dorkness Rising".
Player gender is not an issue, nor is age (providing that you are of a mature personality).

Guidelines: Pure Humans Only. No guns. Alignments preferred toward the Neutral spectrum. Extreme Good/Evil will be frowned upon. 3rd Level start, and 1st level of a Rogue-like class, so as to emphasize stealth and wit, as opposed to bursting in and killing everything in sight. Out-witting, in character, the CM is strongly approved and lauded when it happens.
Current Estimated Start Date: First session in progress...

I currently have 5 players on board. So, if you love to create characters with rich backgrounds, then please contact me:

Michael J. Devor 651-797-8415

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