1st Edition D&D game

The granddaddy of them all - Dungeons & Dragons - along with newer games, like Pathfinder and RuneQuest. Don't forget a pen and paper. And dice. Lots and lots of dice.
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1st Edition D&D game

Post#1 » Wed Apr 19, 2017 6:06 pm

Hello Fellow Gamers.

My Gf and I are looking to either start a new 1st edition D&D game based in WoG or join an existing group. She has limited experience ( 2 Years ) but has went to Garycon and really enjoyed it. Myself I have owned books and played 1st edition off and on since 79.

If we start a new group we could meet at the Source or FFG to start then move to a residence once we are comfortable with each other. Prefer this to be a Mature / Adult group to play with.

We currently use primarily 1st edition with a dash of 2E sprinkled in.

contact me at vicdakota @ Gmail.com if interested.



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