Runequest on FreeRPG Day

The granddaddy of them all - Dungeons & Dragons - along with newer games, like Pathfinder and RuneQuest. Don't forget a pen and paper. And dice. Lots and lots of dice.
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Runequest on FreeRPG Day

Post#1 » Thu Jun 08, 2017 4:41 pm

Free RPG day, June 17, 4pm

Running a game of the new-coming-out-in-2017 Runequest Glorantha rules (at Source). BASICALLY, for you old timers RQ:G is a modernized version of the old RQ2 rules. This quickstart stuff will feature a somewhat-simplified combat system, etc aimed at getting people in & playing the game as quickly as possible.

We have 4 seats available, pre-gen toons, adventure should only take 2-3 hours. Walk-ins very welcome. If no seats are available, heck, we'll find some way for you to participate.

(If you don't attend, quickstart pdf will be available July 1 for free download, I think, or buy it for like $5.)

My name's Steve, and I've been playing Runequest since 1982, gaming since 1979. Hope to see you there.

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