Savage Worlds Agents of Oblivion

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Savage Worlds Agents of Oblivion

Post#1 » Sat Jul 15, 2017 12:05 pm

Hi All, I am looking to start a Savage Worlds driven Agents of Oblivion game. Agents of Oblivion is a toolbox setting kit for the creation of modern action games that blend differing amounts of espionage, conspiracy, science fiction and horror. The campaign I have in mind is kind of like the X Files meets first season Fringe, with other influences that include Person of Interest, Nikita, Dollhouse, Mr. Robot, Sense 8, and many more action/ sci fi tv programs that take place in the present day. Agents will be regular humans who sometimes get augmented with neural programing and equipped with super science gadgets depending on their availability and the requirements of the mission. Agents work for a shadowy agency called Oblivion with government connections, but no real oversight. Their job is to help the powers they work for control dangerous emerging technology, and reign in adversaries including alt dimensional/ timeline travelers, aliens, mutant monsters, cryptids, mad scientists, ismist cults and so on.

I am planning on running a meet and greet gaming session or two on a weekend day sometime in the next month. After that I would like to run a campaign for those interested, one or two Saturday nights a month in Saint Paul (we live near the Lake Street bridge, close to Minneapolis and I 94, about a mile from the U of M).

You can check out the materials, the Agents of Oblivion core book and Savage Worlds Deluxe. They are more affordable right now on Amazon, though PDFs are available at

o Agents of Oblivion Core Book ... f-Oblivion ... 1937013170

o Savage Worlds Deluxe ... 6GVE26S399 ... lds-Deluxe

Finally here is a review of the game from my favorite rpg review site Game Geeks.

- Jesse Thibodeaux

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