Starting a new D&D 5e Campaign

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Starting a new D&D 5e Campaign

Post#1 » Wed Jan 06, 2016 8:19 am

Hey folks,

I’ve been looking for a 5th Edition D&D campaign for a while. I find that there are a lot of folks looking to play, but there seems to be a shortage of folks who are DM’ing.

So I figure I should try and put together a new group and see what I get as a response.

ME: 46 year old male. Software Developer. Been playing since 1981 when I received the red boxed set for Christmas. The box with chits instead of dice. Since then I’ve DM’d 1st and 2nd editions. With 3rd edition and 3.5, I started playing more than DM’ng. I played a few years of 3.5, and stopped about 6 years ago. So I missed all of 4th edition, and here we are today. I received the 5th edition PHB for Christmas.

So I’ll need to buy the MM and DMG shortly, but want a group in place before I make the purchase.

I’m looking for 4-6 players. You should be adults, ‘cause I like my D&D served with beer and pizza. I would love it if at least one of you lives close to me and is willing to host. I live with my girlfriend, and her home is too small to accommodate a group. I live on the East Side of St. Paul, close to White Bear Ave and Larpentuer. So Maplewood/North St.Paul/Woodburry would all work.

Can’t have any rule lawyers, since I’ll probably be learning rules as I go. Just roll with it and have fun. Leaning towards resurrecting some of my 1st edition modules for us to cut our teeth on. Maybe a little shrine of the ku-toa.

If you are interested, shoot me an email:

More about me: Outside of work I help organize a running club and a book club. I also play on a beer league ice hockey team. I love to travel, and have a trip planned to Hawaii this February where I’m looking forward to a 8 hour volcano hike.

Tell me about yourself!

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