The End of the World: Zombie Apocalypse

The granddaddy of them all - Dungeons & Dragons - along with newer games, like Pathfinder and RuneQuest. Don't forget a pen and paper. And dice. Lots and lots of dice.
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The End of the World: Zombie Apocalypse

Post#1 » Sun Jan 10, 2016 10:44 pm

Is there anyone interested in playing The End of the World: Zombie Apocalypse? ... f-zombies/

If so, please let me know. My wife and I both play, so if we get 2-3 other people, we can run a single session or a campaign (the game works as a single session or extended campaign).

One nice thing about this game is that you only need some d6s (regular dice). This would be an excellent game for anyone who has never played a tabletop RPG and is interested in getting started. I have everything we need. Let me know!

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