D&D 5e Group seeking Adult Players - Eagan Area

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D&D 5e Group seeking Adult Players - Eagan Area

Post#1 » Tue May 31, 2016 8:51 pm

Hi all, Husband, Wife & DM seeking 2 more players for a weekly game in Eagan!

About the game:
Set in the DM's own campaign world we have only played a few games so far. There is a strong focus on the character background and the DM uses these backgrounds to flesh out his campaign world, really great way to get our creative juices flowing! Magic items are kept to a sensible amount and role playing is encouraged although not required. Currently we play on Friday or Saturday nights 8pm until whenever. We all work typical 9-5 jobs weekends off so we're flexible within those constraints as well

About the players:
I am the husband 40 yr's old (I play a High-elf Bladesinger) I have played for several years back in high school and college and have now just got back into it. I play for the stories and the group atmosphere. My wife and I have just moved to Minnesota for my work, so I'd like to kill two birds with one stone - meet some locals and get back to one of my passions!

My Wife 30'sish yr's old (her words lol) has never played D&D although she's always been interested in the other hobbies that surround it i.e Comics, Cosplay, loves Lord of the Rings movies, plays Wow etc. So making the leap into D&D she's finding quite enjoyable.

The DM 40ish yr's old has been playing D&D for 30ish years, is very well versed in the game overall and check this out - he's even willing to role play through some npc's while DM'ing which makes for some fun flavor.

Players were looking for:
in order for us to find folks of the right fit we have just a few things were looking for
Have transportation
No smokers please
No rules-lawyers
Adults only - another couple would be great!

I'm happy to answer anymore questions you might have! Drop me a PM or you can email me at Malkinere@hotmail.com.

Happy Hunting all!

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