French and Indian Throw-down in a …belt of Farmland…opps!

The French and their Indian allies are trying to defend the last town before a general Canadian Invasion!   The British and their allies ( both American Provincials and Indians)  are swarming to the high ground and the flanks…Poorly prepared, and trained the French have a tough time of it .

The striking thing in this battle is that basically all the British formations, less their regulars,  could skirmish…it proved decisive!

A daring raid, British Indian allies move to the rear of the French…supported by Highlanders in skirmish order..yeah I know…2 companies of them did get killed …..










French Canadian Windmill…if you are French and you are by a windmill the terrain is going to way to open!












The British are coming! A full brigade!









Battle Breakers…British Provincials in open advance and fire!












Mighty arms of La France….mostly mighty









Rangers vs French Milice





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