Goblins, Dragons vs the Normans and Their Allies! “It’s Magic”

It’s Magic by Pete, is a set of rules for any period, any figure, so we have Normans with Dwarves, Hobbits, Lizard men vs the Goblins, Spider Cavalry, and oh my the Dragons!

It was a bitter fight…the Hobbits ruled the field only loosing one unit, the Dwarves were eaten by a Dragon…figures…and Norman knights with lance are a real deal not a fantasy come to life.

We had spiders, lizards,  Hobbit wizards, and a flying hippo!!!

The entire battle field was in a swamp!!   Who talked my Dwarves into this fight ????

Don’t let the size fool you those gobs have heavy armor and are in good morale!!










Hey it is Dwarves on Bears!! With 2-handed axes!










My Fav Dwarf unit, Rangers on skies armed with arquebus and their musician is using a Tuba!! Problem we were in a swamp!










You don’t see this everyday an flying hippo..Hippogriff!! The dragon ate it…what kind of sauce or rub do you use on Hippo Wings….










Norman Knights vs Wargs…or…Heavy Lance vs ” I like kibble”…










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