Here it is Christmas….Gota Do Trenton! The Remix!

It is the Christmas Season, so that means a fight of the Battle of Trenton. It shows the caliber of the group when, you are refighting Trenton, the Hessians are not going to win this, We have a gathering of 16 gamers to play! Right away we get volunteers to be the Hessians, and this time to give them a fighting chance they are awake and sort of ready. The American’s are having none of it and after a couple of hours the Hessians that are not rounded up are in full flight. Huge good game, run and played by great gamers! Such a good time.

As always we used Wilderness Wars Rules, with 15mm figures, a great thanks to all~!

Continental Right Flank

Continental Left Flank

Heavy Street Fighting

American Charge!

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