Lisa’s Note to Y’all

New Comic Watchlist and New Places to Check Out
By Lisa

It’s a “leapin’ lizards!”transference1 kind of week for new comics. The First Issues
invade: the all new, all updated, all variant covers Archie #1, and
Strange Fruit #1, the Boom! miniseries by Mark Waid fully painted by J.G.
Jones. Bringing the noise, Black Mask (those guys who keep selling out
every issue of We Can Never Go Home and Space Riders and Disciples and and
and etc.) has Transference #1 which I predict will sell out. Secret Wars
Civil War #1 lumbers into the Marvel line-up and then there’s some
franchise called Star Wars that has another spinoff starting called Lando.

In non-#1 issue news, you’ll notice that the tags to the left of the new
comics no longer say “Kids.” It’s far more appropriate to call it what it
is, “All Ages.” There’s a little renaissance of all ages books going on
under the roar of the Big 2 Events. Mouse Guard has always been a true all
ages title, but now it’s been joined in a big way by the mighty
Lumberjanes, Bee and Puppycat, the return of Disney characters Uncle
Scrooge, Mickey and Donald, Teen Dog, great miniseries like Feathers from
Archaia, and the list goes on.

There’s another change on the racks to check out. The eye-level and above
face out racks that house the variant covers have new tenants at the far
end. The new Independent and Small Press racks will be the permanent home
for titles from places like No Brow and things we buy directly from
artists, be they local or at national conventions. There’s also an endcap
with a sign that says “New Local and Independent” where you can see the
newest additions before they join their friends on the wall racks. As many
as possible will be signed and may contain sketches, so check ‘em out.
Especially when I get back from San Diego Comic Con – Bob’s giving me
money and just setting me loose out there. His shock and awe will be your
Christmas morning.

Speaking of San Diego, we’re going to tweet as much as we can. If you’d
like the most authentic comic con experience as possible, camp out in our
parking lot Thursday-Sunday, watch the Twitter feed, and then spend all of
your money on the things we bring back. We’ll try to answer any questions
you have or take photos you’d like to see(within reason), but I will not
be reporting on Hall H or Ballroom 20. I won’t be the one sitting in a
line for days on end, remember?

Those of us about to get Con Crud salute you.

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