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In honor of Groundhog Day, M4 offered a re-run of one of our most successful scenarios, the 1758 Battle of Lake George. In stark contrast to the original event, where stalwart American Provincial troops held off the onslaught of the French and their Indian allies, the evening ended in disaster for General Johnson, as a coordinated flank maneuver by the Abenaki carried the American flank just as the French Grenadiers charged the breastworks. Provincial morale quickly collapsed, with 3 regiments breaking and 1 descending into headlong flight to the landings, just in time to be met by a force of Courier de Bois who had disembarked from their canoes. General Johnson’s only alternatives were to offer his sword in surrender to the hated French or face the tender mercies of the Abenaki! As an added bonus, Jim and Ray arranged for a small Fields of Glory game, featuring the Battle of Mortimer’s Cross. This War of the Roses clash took place on February 2, 1461! The battle was over quickly, as the Yorkists were routed, but the group got a nice look at some of the potential Fields of Glory offers. We hope to see more in the future!



Provincials on Defense


Indians inside the Barricades






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