M4 Schedual

2/9 A Very Berserkistan Civil War- The brothers from different mothers struggle for control of our favorite mythical Central Asian country! 28mm Early 20th Century warfare using Brigadier ’38 rules. Presented by Brent.

2/16 George Washington’s Birthday- In honor of the Father Of Our Country, we’ll enjoy a large 15mm AWI Wilderness Wars game. Details TBA.

2/23 1/72nd scale Napoleonic Volley & Bayonet action, hosted by Andy and Marcel.

3/2 Slaughterloo – 28 mm Napies in a fantasy setting and a double header-

March 6, 1917.  “Bloody April” actually began in March as British observation missions increased in preparation for the Arras offensive (“This time, for sure!” –Bullwinkle J.             Moose).   The action on the 6th was noteworthy in that it saw the downing of VonRichthofen – non other than the Red Baron himself – in a fight that pitted his Jasta 11 against        the  RFC’s 40 and 43 Squadrons.  Take to the skies above the trenches in a flammable, flimsy craft of stick and canvas in a game that requires as much flying skill/knowledge as D&D does of spell or swordplay, ie: none at all…beyond simple stuff like “you can’t fly backwards” and “hitting the ground is bad”.

3/9 15mm Boxer Rebellion Fields of Honor, the Battle of Peking. Presented by Brent.

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