Mayhem at the Center of the Earth

M4 enjoyed yet another spirited game of GASLIGHT this week. This time, the Imperial Japanese Army faced down the Imperial Russian Army (each equipped with various robotic terrors) for control of the lost city of Atlantis, at the center of the Earth. The Americans, of course, were not willing to let this new market fall into the hands of foreign powers, and so sent a force of Zouaves and an armored steam car to protect American commercial interests. And, in the future, Comrade Lenin’s Soviet Super Scientists realized the disastrous outcome of such an alternate history where either the Japanese or the Tsarist government controlled the world’s supply of giant mushrooms. A crack team of Cheka Time Troopers, led by Comrade Commissar Natasha were dispatched to undo the imperialist schemes. But no one checked to see how the Atlanteans felt all about this, and urged on by Agamemmnon they savagely attacked all comers with ancient sorcerous artifacts and the bloodthirsty Maxotaur!

In the end the Atlanteans emerged victorious, having destroyed most of the invaders, but at the cost of their own army. We used modified GASLIGHT rules and wide variety of 28mm figures.

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