Monday Military Miniature Madness!

Last night April 18th we did a 28 mm Napies game .  It was a first time run and great fun was had..  no pics yet.  see the new line up below



4/25- Battle Of Hubbardton: 15mm Wilderness Wars AWI in update New York, 1777, hosted by Todd.


5/2- M4 Cinco de Mayo Classic: Our annual Mexican American 15mm battle. A Barbwire Bob production.


5/9 – Koenig Krieg: 15mm Horse & Musket mayhem with der Fitzer.


5/16- Valley of Jarama: 15mm Spanish Civil War featuring Mexicanski  ’36, hosted by Todd.


5/23-Six Day War: 15mm Arab Israeli conflict, brought to you by Ray and Charley.


5/30- Memorial Day. No game.


6/6- The Longest Day: 15mm Crossfire WW2 action on the beaches and hedgerows of Normandy.  We will be using hand made terrain of Normandy sites -very awesome!!-


6/13- No events submitted; TBA.

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