Munchkin COMICS…First Taste on the Shelves Now!

A Most Excellent Quest, Munchkin Fans!

Boom Studio’s newest imprint, Boom Box!, has had an amazing first year with their hit Lumberjanes (the Adventure-Time-but-about-girls-at-summer-camp-amazing-hilarious-sell-out-comic) and they’re about to double down on their success with a new ongoing Munchkin comic. Each first print of each issue will come with an exclusive Munchkin card, all the better to assert your Munchkin dominance with.

The first issue will be out on January 28th, but you can catch the first print appearance of Munchkin, by game artist John Kovalic himself in the first ever Boom Box 2014 Mix Tape, a collection of shorts by Boom Box artists and friends about their stable of new characters including Lumberjanes, Teen Dog and his nemesis Thug Pug, Cyanide and Happiness, The Midas Flesh, Punk Rock Grandma and more.

Let us know now if you’d like The new ongoing Munchkin series added to your subscription list – we expect them to be scooped up like the precious booty they are from the moment they arrive.


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