New M4 Schedual

3/16: Battle of Ocana- 15mm Napoleon’s Battles with Fitz and Todd.


3/23: Battle for the West Bank- 15mm 6-Day War hosted by Ray and Charley.


3/30: Russo-Turkish War- 15mm Volley & Bayonet Napoleonics with Andy.


4/6: A Very British Civil War- 15mm modified Spearhead in Old Blighty, hosted by Todd.


4/13: Koenig Krieg- 15mm 18th Century mayhem with our very own von Fitzer.


4/20: Spanish Civil War- 15mm modified Spearhead on the plains in Spain, hosted by Todd.


4/27: GASLIGHT- 28mm Victorian Sci Fi  in Darkest Africa with Brent.


5/4: Mexican American War- Our annual Cinco de Mayo 15mm special event, hosted by Barbwire Bob himself.


5/11: Gunga Din: Chaos in the Northwest Frontier with Brent.


5/18: The Emir’s Revenge: 15mm Modern warfare in Berzerkistan, hosted by Todd.


5/25: Memorial Day- The Source Comics & Games is closed!


6/1: Russian Civil War- 15mm modified Spearhead on the endless steppes, with Todd.


6/8: The Other Sepoy Rebellion- 15mm mutiny in 1915 Singapore, hosted by Moose.


We need backup games for all weeks and submissions are always welcome!


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