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Lisa takes time to clue us all in on her interview with Sci-fi Author Emily St. John Mandel.
Star Wars brings us Star Wars #6, Darth Vader #6 and Princess Leia #4.
DC Comics shows us the post Convergence world with such titles as Bat Mite #1 and Bizarro #1.
Winners of our Fight Club drawing have been chosen and informed via phone.  Pictures of the happiness to follow on twitter @SourceComicGame

Wolverine is still dead.The Source Crew

Interview with Emily St. John Mandel by Lisa


Watching a book you adore get nominated for prestigious award after prestigious award is like seeing your home sports team of choice plow through a glorious playoff series. That’s how I’ve felt for the last year watching Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel pop up all over the internet, get shortlisted for the National Book Award for Fiction and, most recently, win the Arthur C Clarke award. I’m still trying to figure out what the literary version of crushing a beer can on my forehead is.


It’s a virus-decimates-the-population-survival-of-the-fittest book, but with smarts and feels. The structure of the book is a logistical nightmare I can’t imagine trying to pull off, but Mandel makes it seem obvious, crafting what Andrew Butler (Chair of the Judges for the Arthur C Clarke Award) called “an elegy for the hyperglobalised present.” The befores and afters that the story unravels largely follow an assortment of actors, musicians, and an aspiring comic book artist. The caravan of busted former vehicles traveling between small settlements to perform what orchestral music and Shakespeare scripts they could salvage is stunning. And written in a prose so sad and hopeful and graceful that is almost physically painful.

Coincidentally, I liked the book, which is why I was so excited when Mandel agreed to answer a few questions about it and her fictional comic book that the novel takes its name from.


How did you come to use a comic book in such a central role in the novel?


I always knew that the character Miranda was going to be an artist, and I was interested in the comic book form. Given the complexity of Station Eleven’s structure-multiple points of view, shifts back and forth in time, etc.-I thought it would be a good idea from a technical standpoint to have a couple of objects that appear in both the pre-apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic sections of the book, as a kind of through-line, to help hold the whole thing together. So one of the objects is a comic book, and the other is a paperweight.


Did you make a mock up of the comic Station Eleven  for your own reference, or just have a mental image? Was writing about the comic in any way different from writing the rest of the novel?


I just had a mental image of the Station Eleven comic. I can’t really draw very well. My UK publisher commissioned an artist, the wonderful Nathan Burton, to design a page from the comic as an insert in the UK first edition. The result was completely different from what I’d imagined, but it was somehow perfect. Writing about the comic was no different from writing the rest of the novel.


What comics or graphic novels have you read?


Not as many as I’d like. I didn’t grow up reading comics, so I’m a bit late to this, but I love the form and think it’s a fascinating way to tell a story. The first I read was a Sandm  an book, a few years ago. The most recent was Jeff Lemire’s Trillium series, which I found immensely impressive. I’ve also found myself unexpectedly drawn to graphic memoirs lately. I usually have very little patience for memoirs, but I found Alison Bechdel’s FUN HOME profoundly moving.


Are you interested in writing a comic or graphic novel at some point? Do you think being a novelist would make it easier to write a comic or is there anything intimidating about the process?


I’m actually working on a script for the comic book in Station Eleven, between other deadlines. The process isn’t intimidating, but it is new to me, which makes it exciting. I think that being a screenwriter would make it easier to write a comic. If you look at a comic script, the form is very similar to a screenplay.



In spite of Station Eleven being on the short list for the Nation Book Award and books like Persepolis getting due praise, it feels like sci-fi, speculative fiction and graphic novels are still sort of dirty words in the world of literature. Have you gotten any sense that people are seeing more potential in speculative fiction or any kind of sequential storytelling, or are they still a sort of redheaded lit stepchild?


You know, it’s interesting, the only real friction I’ve encountered has actually been in the opposite direction: sci-fi fans who seem to think I’m somehow trespassing on their territory by writing a book set partly in the future. Some of them seem to feel that novelists coming out of the literary fiction tradition somehow don’t have the right to write speculative fiction, and that it’s “appropriation” when we do so, even though a lot of us grew up reading sci-fi and love the genre. I can appreciate how having to defend one’s genre against snobs over a long period of time could lead to a certain insularity, but my personal feeling on the matter is that I can write whatever I want.


In the non-genre literary world, there are still people who won’t pick up Station Eleven because it’s “too sci-fi,” but there’s absolutely more openness to “genre”-influenced works than there used to be. I mean, Cormac McCarthy won the Pulitzer for a post-apocalyptic fable with cannibals in it. And as for more mainstream acceptance of graphic works in general, Allison Bechdel recently won a MacArthur fellowship.



Lastly, what have you been reading or recommending lately?


The books I’ve been recommending the most recently are Atticus Lish’s PREPARATION FOR THE NEXT LIFE, which is his debut novel and something of a masterpiece, and Michel Faber’s THE BOOK OF STRANGE NEW THINGS.




The paperback version of Station Eleven goes on sale on Tuesday, June 2.




Bizarro #1



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Tuesday, Friday & Special Event Schedule! 


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