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 Hello Everyone!

We have been working long and hard on improving our Comic Pull and Hold service and starting this week we are fully using a new database and pull system.  If you find any problem with your pulls please bring it to our attention and we will fix it ASAP.  For more on Previews magazine and why you should think about starting a Pull and Hold with us see Lisa’s article below.

Wolverine is still dead.

The Source Crew

Better Know Your LCS:
“What are Bin Subscriptions and Previews and why won’t you stop talking about them like I’m supposed to know what those

By Lisa

One of my favorite things about getting to work in a comic book store has
been getting to learn about how the comic book industry works. Of course
everyone comes to comics a blank slate. And now with Star Wars, killer
independent books, and the Marvel/DC Movie-TV-Netflix Assimilation
bringing so many comic-noobs and lapsed fans alike back into the fold, there are more people than ever who stare blankly at me when I ask if they have a subscription.

I’m sure everyone has heard or overheard someone in the shop saying that
our subscription service is free. Or recommending Previews and saying that
we will special order anything from it for free. A lot of people turn down
offers for subscriptions and special orders because they think it’s more
trouble for us. But it’s really not – we get daily shipments from Diamond
and have a massive library of subscribers. I can not stress enough how
little of a hassle is it to add your modest request to those two things.

–    Why bother with a subscription? I get that it’s free but I don’t see the

The answer to this is one thing that makes everyone happy: so that we
order the correct number of comic books. No, you shouldn’t stay up at
night wondering if we guess correctly how many people want a copy of Hero
Cats. But if there’s a new Robert Kirkman series starting, any kind of
Special Event in any universe or a series you have had no problem buying
forever is suddenly all over the internet one week, that you should wonder

There are lots of reasons why comics will unexpectedly sell out, but when
you’re subscribed, we’re going to pull a copy and keep it for you before
the books are available to the public. We just ask that you come in at
least once a month to pick them up. You’re not married to your choices
though – if you don’t want an issue of something you don’t have to buy it.
And you can always change you subscriptions by calling, emailing or
talking to us in the store.

We place orders for comics from Diamond, the massive company responsible
for the distribution of almost comic books, two months before they come
out. This happens a lot: suddenly everyone wants New Avengers issue
whatever because CBR broke three weeks before the book drops that Ultron
is going to make everyone grilled cheese sandwiches in it. We have ordered
our number of books already-based partially on how many subscriptions we
have for it-and if you aren’t there right away on Wednesday morning you
may have to wait for a reprint. If they do a reprint.

–    How do you know what you’re ordering two months in the future? Are you wizards?

This tends to blow some minds: once a month a giant paper thing called
“Previews” shows up in big stacks. It’s published by Diamond, the massive
distributor I just mentioned. It contains, more or less, every comic that
will be published during the month two months from then, along with a
photo of the cover and a little snippet giving an idea of what it is. This
includes brand new series and trades. It also includes all of the toys and
collectables Diamond sells. This is the very same information that we use
to order a lot of the stuff that shows up in the store. We sit with those
catalogs in the office and basically try to guess how many people will buy
every comic book in a given month. The more people that subscribe, the
better idea we have what to order, and the fewest number of people are
bummed if they miss an issue. And those people being bummed is a bummer
for us too. Do you really want to bum out Burl?

If a publisher reveals information about a comic that makes it hot a month
after we place our order (which happens all the time) you can still
subscribe and be very confident in the fact that you will get that book.
If there’s a special variant cover you want, your best shot at it is to be
subscribed to the series and to ask for it. Variants are strange country
because we rarely have control over what or how much of what we get, but
if you have specifically requested them you have a better shot at them.

That’s really all you need to know to be a complete ace at comics – use
Previews ($3.99) as a guide for scouting new series, knowing what’s going
on with long running series, toys, books, or anything, and let us know
what you want whenever you know you want it. And if you ever have
questions, please just ask. So many people apologize for asking a stupid
or common question before they even ask it – but all of us have been
working in retail for a very long time, and I promise whatever you’re
going to ask is not the dumbest or weirdest thing we’ve ever heard(that
does NOT mean to try and come up with the dumbest or weirdest thing we’ve
ever heard.). My job is literally to hang out in a comic book store and
make sure it’s a fun place for you to hang out and that we have the fun
things you want. Help us help you. More nerd, more happy.

Sandman Overture #5


Tuesday, Friday & Special Event Schedule! 


MTG - Main Logo 


Tuesday, Friday & Special Event Schedule! 

 Tuesday Night Magic at the Source! Lots of great tournaments are coming up this Fall at the Source. We are now running Friday Night Magic every Friday night so you don’t have to travel far anymore for chance at those exclusive foil prizes.

Tuesday, May 12th – Standard – 5:30pm – $5.00

Tuesday, May 19th – Booster Draft – 5:30pm – $15.00
Tuesday, May 26th – Standard – 5:30pm – $5.00 

Tuesday, June 2nd, Booster Draft – 5:30pm – $15.00

Tuesday, June 9th – Standard – 5:30pm – $5.00

Tuesday, June 16th – Booster Draft – 5:30pm – $15.00

Tuesday, June 23rd – Standard – 5:30pm – $5.00

Tuesday, June 30th – Booster Draft – 5:30pm – $15.00


Thursday Night Magic at the Source


Modern Format Every Thursday at 5:30pm – $5.00

Win a $50 Gift Certificate



FNM @ Source – Sign up  at 5PM – Space Limited!
Friday, May 15th – Booster Draft – 6pm Start – $15.00
Friday, May 29th – Modern Masters Booster Draft – 6pm
$40.00 Entry (Limit 32), Tickets On Sale 4:30pm
Friday, May 29th – Commander Multiplayer – 6pm Start $5.00 

Friday, June 5th – Standard – 6pm Start – $5.00
Friday, June 12th – Booster Draft – 6pm Start – $15.00
Friday, June 19th – Commander Multi-Player – 6pm Start $5.00
Friday, June 26th – Booster Draft – 6pm Start – $15.00

Friday Late Night Booster Draft

Every Friday Night @ 10pm- $15.00


Saturday Kids League


Saturday, May 9th – Mini-Masters – 1:00 pm Start – $5.00

Saturday, May 23rd – Mini-Masters – 1:00 pm Start – $5.00

Saturday, June 13th – Mini-Masters – 1:00 pm Start – $5.00 

Saturday, June 27th – Mini-Masters – 1:00 pm Start – $5.00 


PPTQ Saturday July 25th 11am
Sealed – $35.00

We Still (as of Tuesday) Have
Modern Masters II Boosters $9.99/pack



New This Week at Source Comics and Games
Old Man Logan #1

Welcome back to Tim’s corner. 

Hello from Tim’s corner. Thanks to everyone who visited our booth at Comicon and came to the store as well.  It is appreciated.  Restocking at the store includes titles from Elephantmen through Fantastic Force.  From collections, I put out a bunch of golden age books including Donald Duck issues, some Four Color Duck Albums, Walt Disney’s Comics & Stories, Boris Karloff Tales of Mystery, and Doctor Solar Man of the Atom.  In the drawers, I put out Adventure Comics in the late 300s, the Atom, pre 100 Daredevils, Mystery in Space, My Greatest Adventures, late 100s Superboys, mid 100 Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olson, Dead of Night, and Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea.  See you soon


Infinity Gauntlet #1

New this Week at Source Comics and Games
Infinite Loop #2 

New this Week at Source Comics and Games

DC Comics New 52
Harley Quinn AF  

New this week at Source Comics and Games

Convergence #8

Thursday, May 28th, 2015 – 6pm

events calendar!

Everyone Welcome!


Tyranny of Dragons OP Event

Month Six

Thursday, June 28th at 6pm  


   Wednesdays @  Source Starting at 6PM – FREE!  
Hosted by our very own Burl Zorn, on Wednesday nights.  Wednesday nights begin at 6 pm. 
Games are 5th Edition. All you need is a pencil and dice.  All skill levels, newbies and players are welcome! For more info harrass Burl at 651.645.0386  – 24/7 New kits coming next season.


Every Saturday From 10AM to 1PM

One of our best and longest running game groups at the Source is our Pokemon League. It’s run and maintained by the mighty Raymond Steinke II. The Pokemon league welcomes all players, all skill levels and is reallly a ton of fun to participate in! So much so that many of the parents of our players have gotten involved. Honestly, if you’re thinking about you or someone you know trying out Pokemon, this is the place to do it! Everyone is welcome!
Pokemon Facebook Page:
Hosted By Jim, Todd and our very own Bob!

You’re invited to participate to growing, regularly scheduled event, here at the Source Comics & Games. Every Monday night a group of dedicated military miniatures game players assemble for a night of comradery, revelry and table top miniature fun! Themes change week to week and they’re open to game suggestions as well. Bring your stuff if you have any, if you don’t, show up anyway and we’ll get you in the game. All players and skill levels are welcome! Here’s the general schedule for the next upcoming few weeks.For More Info:

Expect a Flow of Randomness!
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As your local comic book and game retailer of choice, we hope you know how much we appreciate your support. We’re proud to be part of your community and welcome you to ours! We’re always happy to receive your suggestions, comments, constructive criticism or compliments! Please feel free to contact us at anytime!
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