November 19 1942…Stalingrad is surrounded and someone has to hold the bridgeheads for a counter attack!

Using Spearhead rules with micro armor mini’s.  The Germans are made up rear area support units.  Their only job is to hold the bridges at all costs

The Soviets only victory condition is to take the bridges.  If any Soviet forces survive and the Germans still hold the bridges …. well commanders will be shot and a German decisive victory will be awarded

Rules;  It is a night action  sighting is 3 inch for inf and 6 inches for vehicles.  Each turn every player rolls a die after initiative phase and on a 5 or 6 gets a flare marker.  This flare marker has a 3 inch radius and turns that part of the board to day for sighting purpose.

Many heroics preformed but the Soviet armored commanders did not press the attack and both bridges held and a Decisive German victory was awarded

4 commands on each side

bypassing the heights..a bit time consuming.









the Night Witches..the only air in the game. they accounted for at least 1 t34…oopps










Soviet HQ









Red Recon moving fast









German Panzers a MK IV surprise









Soviets occupy a Bridge! A desperate German counterattack forces them off.











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