Operation Cobra is in Full Swing and Patton’s 4th Armored is Smashing Forward!

The Rules are Spearhead.  The scale is micro armor and the battling was awesome!  The game table was divided into 5 sections with a player on each section.  This is to allow fast play and a better defined objective system.

The U.S.  4th Armored players each had a mixed unit of Shermans, infantry and various support to include Recon.  The German players commanded 2 remnant Infantry KG’s each with some AT support.  1 Ost Truppen Cavalry unit…go Ray go! and 2 Panzer KG’s.

U.S. players had an air strike per turn and off board arty.  The Germans had one arty strike and that was it …

Play was fast and furious, with the German defenders doing well until the very last turn..where the far south Panzer KG broke.

Thanks to Phil for some awesome US troops, Todd for some awesome Germans Troops, and everyone for a great game!

the U.S. forces make their final approach









German hilltop defense









Panzers in waiting..note the brick walls and Hedgerows..









Sherman’s on the attack…150 U.S.
Shermans were deployed in this attack










Wood line engagement…heavy fighting









The Key to Victory..proper and ubiquitous use of smoke! Shielded U.S. armored attacks










Next Fight Ancients and some Buhmr!






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