At the Source Comics & Games, you’ll find Minnesota’s largest and most comprehensive selection of comic books, both new and back issues, as well as trade paperbacks, collecting supplies, statues, toys, posters, and everything else that has to do with the wonderful world of comics!

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“I’ve seen a bigger selection of current comics” said no one…ever.

As you can see, we stock a massive number of current comics, as well as back-issues, trade paperbacks and other collections, and all manners of related products.  And while we carry seemingly everything from all the major publishers, plus a plethora of the littler publishers, you’re always free to pre-order absolutely anything from Diamond Previews – the monthly catalog of virtually all comics and related stuff that will be published in the near future.  We also provide a handy subscription service to guarantee you never miss an issue of your favorite books, and also have a loyalty program to offer discounts on everything you buy to boot!

Whether you’re into superhero comics…or sci-fi, or fantasy, or horror, or family funny books…or you prefer to buy trade paperbacks, hardbound books, posters, statues, or…well, you name it.  If it has to do with comic books, the Source is the one and only place you ever need to go.

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