Red Menace in Berzerkistan

This Monday witnessed the beginning of yet another age of turmoil in everyone’s favorite fictional Central Asian nation of Berzerkistan. Socialist agitators of the People’s Party of Berzerkistan seized control of the main government building and threatened to nationalize the Ango-Berzerki Petrolium Corporation (ABP) oil wells outside the city. Two regiments of British infantry were dispatched, along with their exiled White Russian allies, to assist the Emir in restoring order and to protect British national interests. Moscow, eager to expand the revolution into new territory, was having none of it, and an expeditionary force of Kronshadt sailors, Cossacks and improvised armored vehicles to aid the revolutionaries.


Things were looking tough for the Emir and his British friends, as wave after wave of Reds poured through the passes to overrun the capital, but just as it seemed all was lost, the Raisuli, his horsemen and a squadron of camel mounted tribesmen descended upon the Red hordes and drove them back. Order was restored in Berzerkistan, as much as it ever is.


We played with 28mm figures and terrain and used “Went The Day Well?”, a set of skirmish rules for the Very British Civil War.

People's Party of Berserkistan seize the government

People’s Party of Berserkistan seize the government










British armor on the flank

British armor on the flank










Cossacks attack!

Cossacks attack!










Riaisuli's camelry to the rescue!

Riaisuli’s camelry to the rescue!

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