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At the Source Comics and Games, we pride ourselves on offering Minnesota’s largest and best collection of comic books and related stuff, all manners of games and gaming supplies, cool collectibles, models, toys, unique snacks and beverages, and a great big gaming area where you can get together with your friends and just plain have fun.  We’re not just a store…we’re a part of our community, and proud of it!

Our store is always well-staffed with friendly, knowledgeable personnel whose primary goal is to help you find what you’re looking for – whatever that may be.  And no matter what the subject is, chances are we’ve got an expert on-site to help with any questions about any of the kinds of awesome stuff we have in the store – whether you need a bona-fide comic book geek, a semi-professional dungeon master, or a PC gaming guru…or just about anything else.  We’re not just nerds and geeks.  We’re super nerds and geeks.

spiritaward_logo_0If you haven’t been to the Source…you need to stop by.  The first time you walk in the door, you’ll be absolutely floored at the sheer enormity of our offerings.  Comic books as far as the eye can see.  More games than you can shake a pair of dice at.  Toys and posters and models and the most awesome collectibles you’ve ever laid eyes upon.  Thousands upon thousands of square feet of needful things.  Ten thousand square feet, to be exact.  If you’re having trouble envisioning how big that is…think of an NBA basketball court (go Timberwolves!).  Then double it.  And add another 600 square feet.  Then that’d be as big as the Source.


Not only do we carry in-store the largest selection of cool stuff you’ve ever gotten lost in, we can find and order for you virtually anything you can think of.  To start with, we can easily custom order for you absolutely anything listed in the Diamond Previews catalog – a massive monthly missive that offers essentially all comic books, as well as gaming, fantasy, sci-fi, anime, and all sorts of other cool items and collectibles.  We also have relationships with many other industry vendors, and chances are that if you’re looking for something we can’t get…it probably doesn’t exist.

So stop on by some time, and take a gander at all the wonderful things we have to offer.  We’ll be glad to see you – and of course, please contact us if you have any questions!


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 Oh…one last thing: if you happen to be in the general vicinity of St. Thomas University and/or Macalester College, check out our satellite store – Uncle Sven’s Comic Shoppe!  It’s a comic book mall, shaped like a hall!

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