Two Armies Meet, One is Flanked – The Other Goes Home- Welcome to the War of Austrian Succession

We had two games last night.  The main event was a great!  Using Konig Krieg rules we fought a meeting engagement in the War of Austrian Succession.  We had French/Spanish army running into the Austrian/Savoyard army.  The French and Spanish horse lost a spectacular battle following by the complete out flanking of the French/Spanish army.   This was followed up the center of the Austrian/Savoyard army holding strong and the rear of the  French/Spanish army was compromised by Austrian Hussars.  But in the moment of crisis Marshal Tony rolled a 1 and the French/Spanish army stands strong!  They will fight to the end right here.  Ah, if it were so,  General Fitz rolls a 6 … the die of shame…. and us, (Austrian/Savoyard army), goes home instead… great times and a hard fought game.

This was followed up by a game of Crossfire.  Both games were done in 15mm.  Photos to follow I hope

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