Two Games, Two Battles, Lundy’s Lane and Battle of Gaugamela

Battle One: Lundy’s Lane, 15mm, Empire V rules…yes we did it in Empire V! This is a great meeting engagement between 2 similar forces. there are 4 commands, all very small in Empire scale. 2 gun batteries and 4 figure battalions were the norm. The British had their commands divided enough that they were not in supporting positions, but if it worked right the left flank would be able to descend on the USA forces. The US forces attacked on a broad front against 1 British brigade. With remarkable precision the US forces decimate and route the British brigade in a fierce hour of combat. The second hour found the British commander successively ordering break off and stand down, while the US forces looked on as the British retire in poor order. This hour also brought the 2nd British brigade attacking with good force and making good head way. At this point the battle ends because of time but… all 4 brigades would be at it in the 3 rd hour. It was a very good fight and all commanders fought with good morale and well thought out moves! Great good times

Our 2nd fight was 28mm Ancients using Command and Colors as the rule set. The battle is the one where Darius ”makes the field perfect” for is army to deploy in. There were many hoots and hollers from that end of the room and It looked like they fought each other out with no units one either side left.

Both sides advance in line formation …. no reserves


The closing of the lines


2nd hour the charge…a full strength British Battalion oops that left a mark!


Alex’s Phalanxes



Ahhh Elephants…or the Ancient equivalent of Atomic hand grenades


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