Yom Kippur War with M4

October 7, 1973


The previous morning, Egyptian assault engineers created multiple breaches in the Israeli Bar Lev defensive line along the Suez canal. While Egyptian infantry and armor poured through the gaps and consolidated their gains, the IDF’s 162nd Armored Division rushed to destroy the bridgeheads before the Egyptians could begin mobile operations in the Sinai. The 162nd’s lead elements rapidly approached the Egyptian defense screen along a line of low hills. Initially, when Egyptian T-55s moved into position to engage the advancing Israelis, they were dismayed to learn that they were outgunned by the M51 Shermans’ superior 105mm guns. As the afternoon wore on, though, and SAGGER anti-tank guided missiles began to take toll and Israeli armor losses mounted. On the Israeli left flank, a smartly executed combined arms operation brought forward several companies of M113-mounted infantry who deployed and rapidly neutralized the Egyptian’s new wonder weapon. With the Egyptian line breached and their forces mauled in several locations, the high command in Cairo called for a withdrawal. It was a bloody and narrowly won victory for the IDF.

15mm Command Decision and Battlefront figures were featured, along with Modern Spearhead rules. Thanks to Ray for putting on this nifty game!


Next week: GASLIGHT in 28mm, and Volley & Bayonet Russo-Turkish War!

To Battle!

To Battle!










IDF Carriers

IDF Carriers









Not your father's Shermans

Not your father’s Shermans









Egyptian Ambush...King of the battlefield for an hour.

Egyptian Ambush…King of the battlefield for an hour.









Final Assault...heavy fighting....

Final Assault…heavy fighting….


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